Landscape and Gardenind

NEBRALEJO GROUP has an exceptional background in the development, construction and operation of different types of gardens on the Costa del Sol.

Over the years there have been gardens of all kinds, Mediterranean, Tropical, Minimalist, small gardens, flower beds. Our work has always started with technical advice in the development of our client's dream garden. We design and implement projects IN both private and Communal gardens.

In developing these gardens a vast combination of plants can live together though they come diverse backgrounds, indigenous, domestic and imported. Also in the development of your ideal outdoor living area, we enhance the installation of plants by placing different types of rock gardens, old wooden steps, artificial lakes, decorative items and furniture.

The company complements its development in landscaping services with facilities located in San Pedro de Alcántara (Marbella), where our Garden Center and the offices of the group are located.

In the Garden Center our guests will find indoor and outdoor plants, fruit trees, palms, ornamental specimens, as well as pottery, garden furniture and decorative items that will beautify your home.

Within the span of services available, we can also maintain your garden, and also offer treatments with pesticides, fertilizers and other garden products.