Nebralejo Group is distributor for Spain of Tensar products, world leader in the manufacture and supply of products and systems for stabilization and soil reinforcement.


Based on the characteristic properties of Tensar geogrids, Tensar Technology is widely adopted for problems of stabilization and soil reinforcement.

The Tensar Technology can achieve cost savings and time on their projects. We can help you apply Tensar Technology to improve the economic performance of your project.

There are five major applications of TriAx geogrids for soil stabilization:


The Green Wall is the preferred Landscapers, Architects and Designers to adapt the construction of retaining structures the environment, whether natural or landscaping system. It is based on reinforcing geogrids Tensar uniaxial floor has the distinction of having a fully vegetized facing that obscures the presence of any rigid element solution. In the same structural element functions containment and gardening together.

Combining an attractive, completely natural look with savings of up to 75% over conventional earth-retaining methods, TensarTech GreenSlope offers an ideal solution for steep slopes and embankments up to 70º, particularly in environmentally-sensitive areas.

Horizontal layers of Tensar’s uniaxial geogrids create a stable, reinforced soil mass, with durable steel units positively linked at the face using a high efficiency bodkin connection. This facing is lined during installation with an erosion mat that helps to retain a thin topsoil veneer and establish the vegetation cover, with a choice of continuous slope or terraced face structure to allow irrigation.

Self colour steel facings are generally employed for 60 year design life galvanised facings are available for 120 year design life.

Tensar Muros

  • Can reduce costs by up to 75% over reinforced concrete.
  • Rapid, economical construction.
  • Allow use of site-won materials, including clays.
  • Optimises the use of available space.
  • Tolerant of differential settlement.
  • No specialist skills needed.